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CLS Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

CLS Technologies is the IT arm of the organization. CLS Technologies is a software solution company. We are a strong believer of technology and IT systems. CL Synergy has an in house designed "On Line Order Placing and Track & Tracing Facility" which has many unique features. Information could be traced through your own purchase Order number unlike in other systems where information could only be accessed through respective BL number or through a given container number. Access is through a Unique Pass Word and a User ID where the security of data is assured. All current shipments could be viewed on one single page.

CL Synergy has created a Supreme User level where data could be viewed for all of the buyers under one page and data could be further categorized buyer wise and destination wise. This could be the only Tracking system which maintains "Historical data" to an indefinite period of time and historical data also could be accessed on a customer wise as well as on destination wise.

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CLS Investments (Pvt) Ltd

CLS Investments started in 2007 and focused on investments on the capital markets, properties, finance markets, business ventures and on the real estate markets. CLS Investments waiting for more opportunities, with growing market trends.

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CLS Transport (Pvt) Ltd

CLS Transport is equipped with own Vans, Lorries, trucks and Prime movers which helps to provide a complete package on Door to Door basis. Land Cargo transportation in Sri Lanka is restricted to Road transportation and we have the capacity and capability of picking up or delivering any type of merchandize to anywhere in the Island. In addition to our own fleet we maintain annual contracts with prime trucking companies in order to cater to the ever increasing demand.

Security and reliability is a prime concern, hence all consignments are insured up to the final delivery or from the time of the pickup.

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CL Synergy India (Pvt) Ltd

CL Synergy India (Pvt) Ltd., was incorporated in year 2012 as a fully owned subsidiary of CL Synergy Private Ltd., Sri Lanka. The company commenced its operations in Chennai, which is also the registered Head Office of the Indian Operation. To date we have completed successful operations and within a short period of time we have created our presence in New Delhi and Mumbai that covers major commercial locations in India. The Company has expanded its presence into Tirpur, Salem, Karur and Coimbatoor, through the network partners. Today CL Synergy India (Pvt) Ltd., has the capability of offering Total Logistics solutions to its customers in many parts of India. The company consists of a professionally competent team, equipped to offer a reliable and quality service.

We have in place a central pricing and procurement desk which enhance its capability to tie-up with all major shipping lines and air carriers; and also offers our partners and customers a Single Financial Desk that could handle all accounting activities covering the entire Indian sub-continent.

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CL Synergy BD Ltd

This is a joint venture between CL Synergy (Pvt) ltd., and Alpha Logistics BD Ltd. CL Synergy BD Ltd., created in 2014 to carry the CL Synergy brand name across the Indian Sub-Continent. The Sea Freight Strength of CL Synergy and the Air strength of Alpha Logistics synergy offer partners and customers full service coverage. CL Synergy BD Ltd., use the state of the art IT solutions to be able to merge with any system across the world to sync information flow from sourcing point to end product.

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CL Synergy Partners (Pvt) Ltd

CL Synergy Partners (Pvt) Ltd., is a syndicate to facilitate trade and investments in Sri Lanka and South East Asia. The prime intention is to bridge the gap between the opportunities and the investors to covert the concepts into a reality. The Core Competencies of the company are sourcing suitable business partners locally and overseas for prevailing opportunities that require such as Debt & Equity Capital, Technology and Markets. And also Business re-structuring and re-engineering

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CL Synergy Asia (Pvt) Ltd

CL Synergy has diversified its activities into many other areas of business and have opened up CLS Transport which is a fleet management company, CLS Technologies which is a software solution company and CLS Investments (investment company), CL Synergy Asia (Pvt) Ltd, CL Synergy India (Pvt) Ltd & CL Synergy Travels (Pvt) Ltd as fully owned subsidiaries of CL Synergy

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