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CL Synergy Pvt Ltd with the professional support of Cambridge Partners - Australia translates all organizational emission-creating activities into CO2 equivalents (CO2e).

We measured the annual emissions generated by the burning of fossil fuels, power used from the grid, business travel and waste as per WRI/WBCSD greenhouse gas protocol, which is called a carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is used as a basis for the number of carbon credits necessary to offset the impact a business creates in a year.

CL Synergy Strongly believes the environmental impact of releasing greenhouse gases has a substantial impact that require clean up. The process of offsetting allows businesses to mitigate the greenhouse gases that we are unable eliminate through energy efficiencies and other reduction strategies.

CL Synergy has offset the total carbon footprint through an investment on a hydro renewable project named Rocky reach run-of-river project registered with CCX registry under Verus Carbon Neutral USA to become fully Carbon Neutral organization and we are proud to be amongst the 01st in Asia.